July 23, 2009

Thurs.. Day..


Gosh, is there any kind of medicine or technique to prevent me from yawning even after sleeping for 6 hours? Yawning is so contagious, really..

Well, yeah, today is Thursday. Tie Day, English SSP, Double Science Day, D&T Day. I went to school a tad too early. It was around 6.30 am. It was so dark, because nobody came to school yet. When I reached the classroom, I meddled with the doors and found out that the back door was unlocked! You seriously have no darn idea how happy I was to have found that out. Beats waiting for a key for 30 minutes.

*skips all boring lessons*

The class had to do an English common test today. It, once again, took us by surprise. First was oral, then this. Well, Miss Pang recently pasted the common test schedule on the notice board so there won't be any surprises anymore! The passage today, was seriously disturbing. It's about an infamous mosquito disease called Malaria. The way the author described the disease was so disturbing that it made me paranoid. For once, I thought I did had Malaria. *touch wood*

After the test, I went up to the commerce room for SSP. I was so glad it wasn't Miss Chia who was our SSP teacher. No more 50 word memorizing cum spelling! Instead, Mr Tan came. He revised our oral weaknesses with us, which I find really useful. It's better to secure this bonus marks for English, I feel. Picture Discussion, which is hated by many, wasn't revised though. It was conversation. I had no problem with conversation.. except those extravagant questions which literally freezes your mouth. Lawl.

Took a bus and walked home again.

To be honest, I'm rather happy today. I'm just smiling all the way. Isn't that what life was supposed to be? Enjoying every single day of your life smiling, not frowning. Yep, impossible, but make smiling a daily chore!

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Good night and peace out!