July 18, 2009

I don't know what to type..

Yeah, seriously, I have no idea on what to do update about..

Well.. These few days in school been rather crazy. These supervised study programmes.. Well, it's good, if without the noise. While in the library, you'll never fail to hear someone talk every second. Every few seconds or minutes is alright, but every second.. Gosh. The English supervised study wasn't like the other days.. It was more like AP. The SSP group were supposed to memorize 50 idiotically difficult words and together with its totally-defeated-its-purpose definitions. Not to mention, it's gonna be like this for the next remaining weeks.. Damn.

So much homework.. I have to hand up my D&T folio by this Monday or else I'll be screwed for preliminaries. And this goddamn difficult Sports School Maths paper 2.. I've been raking my brains all over for the past few days.. All these stress are crawling up my ass. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. To get into a Polytechnic.. Damn, it's more than worth it. A lil sacrifice to my time is fine.

Wow.. I have not passed up that homework that Mrs Tan gave. Wonder what she'll do to me. I'm not getting the hang of doing reflections.. Oh well.. Let the flames begin. Lmao, Paramore..

Okay. I'm done.

Good night and peace out.

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