July 28, 2009

My arm hurtz.

My arm hurts.. so much. I'm just going to type really less today.

It was because of the badminton game I had during this week's PE lesson. I exert way too much pressure on my arm, resulting in some muscle strain. To add-on, everyone took the better rackets, leaving me with a racket with an extremely loose string and one real heavy racket. Luckily, Boon Hau came and taught me something. Guess what, I spoke in Chinese and he understood. I'm very elated.. Because there was no one to criticize my accent. Yeah, my friends just couldn't give me a simple encouragement for me to speak Chinese. I spoke just one Chinese word, JUST ONE DAMN WORD, and everyone laughs. I'm also supposed to take it as a joke.. Teach me how please.

Phew.. I finally got that off my chest. It was being a prick.

Lastly.. Why the world is so ironic once again? During my ride home, the bus was pretty empty. There was a.. um well, handsome guy sitting across me. He suddenly tripped a girl, who was walking to her seat. I stood up and helped her up, but guess what.. I got scolded! Immediately, WHAT THE FUCK?! shoots my mind. And what she said next was so discouraging.. She said I look like a crook and apparently wanted to trip her. Lmao, she obviously knew she was tripped on her left foot, and I was sitting on the opposite. What she did next was even more stupid. She apologised to the guy who tripped her deliberately! That dipshit was laughing at me, covering his mouth. So much for being kind, and getting scolded for something I did not do.

Seriously fucked up day. My arm gave me terrible headaches, but luckily I was able to tolerate and still end the day properly. And fuck whoever is a wolf in a sheep's clothing.

I hope tomorrow would be a better day. AS ALWAYS.


Good night and peace out.

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