July 22, 2009

Tired. Tired.

I went home, tired, listless, whatever. Cus' I've been carrying this big ass of mine. Actually, I'm referring to my bag (Cus' when I'm carrying the bag, it lands on my ass). I'm supposed to bring my books home because the Mother Tongue students were having their listening comprehension earlier today. I did not go for it.. cus' I'm kinda like a CLB *graduate*. Lmao. WANNA SEE? I still have that orange certificate. It says PASSED. Muahaha. Proves that my Chinese ain't that bad. Just needs a lil tweaking here and there and walah!

YEAH whatever.

I just finished watching a Korean drama today. It's Sweet 18. <- Linky
Do click on the link to watch it, and don't worry, it's not some booby trap or something. Hilarious show, even with only 16 episodes, it felt like a really long drama. Do watch it and make your funny bones tingle!

And an OST from the drama.


ALRIGHT. I'm done for today. I should go and study now. Tomorrow would be a really long day for me, Supervised Study blues.. Oh wait.. It's goddamn English tomorrow.. GREAT. 50 more damn words to be tested for spelling. GREAT, just great.. *bangs wall and drop dead*

Good night and peace out.

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