July 1, 2009


Oh Em Eff Gee.

I can't believe what happened in the bus today. It was in the afternoon. I was heading home after school, took the 131 bus. At the back of the bus, there were a group of students, probably upper secondary boys, watching something. It was porn. Their reactions are so hilarious and definitely priceless. It's like they have never seen a nipple before in their lives. I can't describe their reactions well, I can only think of "Over-reactive". Damn, I was laughing my ass off while walking home!

It's Wednesday today.. So much happening at once.. Michael Jackson gossips here and there, gosh, just let him rest in peace already. I can't believe people are still talking about his color, his faults and more. Such pricks. H1N1 virus status seems to be getting worse, yet people still aren't covering their mouths while they cough. Sigh.

Today was a fine day. It rained, and it feels really cool. It's so much better than the hot weather recently. The first lesson was CD. I was nominated (What a great word..) to be in a supervised study group. It's totally fine with me. I hope it works out fine.. Mrs Tan, our principal, came into our class and gave us a polite lecture. Sigh, only 3 months left, it's starting to get really tight now.

Next was English. Wow, I can't believe Mr Gary Lam is back! But he isn't teaching Humanities.. I think Mr Tan's lessons are sufficient enough for us, honestly.. Still, more help is always welcomed. Up next was Chemistry.. I wasn't paying attention to the lesson, something outside was distracting me. It was a pleasant sight though. Sigh, wished time would pass quickly..

Then came the dreaded, 5 periods of Maths. Actually, it wasn't as bad as the people thought. Those 2 hours passed by very quickly. Mr Chui (I think that's how it's spelt) was very clear in his explanation although some of his methods are very complicated, he tries to help in any way possible. Awesome, indeed. I feel that he should go really in-depth for each question in the paper, if possible. Showing the workings and answers just doesn't cut it. People are just gonna copy and leave the paper lying around.


I see trees of green.. Red rose too..
I see em bloom.. For me and you..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

I see skies of blue.. Clouds of white..
Bright blessed days.. Dark sacred nights..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

The colors of a rainbow.. So pretty.. In the sky..
Are also on the faces.. Of people.. Going by..
I see friends shaking hands.. Sayin.. How do you do..
They're really sayin.. I love you.

I hear babies cry.. I watch them grow..
They'll learn much more.. Than I'll never know..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

Sigh. This song makes my day. Cheers me up after a f@#ked up day.

Good night and peace out!

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  1. arhhhh i wan mr chui!!!!
    zzz kungy damn boring.