June 30, 2009


Dang. I have no idea on what to update about. School?

Yeah, school. Mr Tan revised on Narratives, though doing Poems would be way more interesting and fun.. I wished I was in Literature, and not in crappy History. I was automatically moved to History during the subject selection in Secondary 3 because the Literature class is too small, and without notice too. No use crying over spilled milk, but damn, it's so *ARGH*. Mr Chan had it all planned for us, by showing us calendars for the remaining months till O levels. Very organized, as usual, haha. There's a re-test on Social Studies tomorrow, for those who failed the Mid-Year, for those who failed the Holiday Re-test and those who did not came for the re-test. F@#k, it's gonna be another endless cycle, or a bottomless pit [Learned in English lesson today :D].

Hmm.. What's next?

OH! I met that same old lady again in the 139 bus. You know, that lady who asked me to shoo when I'm sitting next to the window? She appeared, and she aimed for my seat once again! I decided to do the same like before, just let her be and I'll get humiliated. ONCE AGAIN, people were staring at me, and mumbling how inconsiderate I am (And they thought I could not hear them, I have *bionic* ears FFS). STILL, I had to take it like a man. I went down from the bus, and ran to catch the 131 bus which was directly in front of the 139 bus. Lucky day, with a twist.

While walking up, I was staring at my belly. (I'm sure you're probably laughing at this). I was like *Sigh*, why am I so fat. I ran during the first 4 months of this year, but after a while, I stopped. NOW, I'm back to square one. My pants felt tighter now, unlike Semester 1. Actually, that may be the reason why I sweat at room temperatures.. I always tried to suck in, to look less fat. SIGH SIGH SIGH, at this rate, I could only dream..

Hmm, I think I'm done here.. Gonna be an even more boring day tomorrow.. SS re-test.. 5 PERIODS OF MATHS.. Dang, I hope there'll be breaks in between.. 2 hours straight!

Good night and peace out!

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