June 29, 2009

Asian Youth Games!

It was the opening of the Asian Youth Games in Singapore.. Well, it was the first. No idea how it will turn out, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fine!

The first day of school, for me, started pretty roughly.

I always try to reach school 30 minutes - 1 hour earlier before it starts. However today, I was happily waiting for my first bus (I take 2 buses to school). I waited.. I waited, waited.. for nearly 30 minutes! The bus stop was very crowded. I started to felt annoyed. I know it's inevitable for buses to escape from traffic jams and to add-on, it was nearly reaching lunch hour. I decided to hail a cab, but guess what, the bus suddenly arrived! I couldn't believe it! Still, I had to get into a cab, otherwise I'll be late for school. I wouldn't want to break my record of 0 late-comings in 5 years..

When I reached school, I'm surprised at how the whole school was in paranoia mode. Guards were wearing masks, teachers outside and there was a table with a hand sanitizer. I was sweating profusely upon reaching school, which was clearly an inevitable habit of mine.. Oh well. Went up to class, listened to some music while waiting for school to start. The feeling is so weird after a month without school. It felt like the first day of school.

I was shocked upon hearing that today wasn't a school day, it was an AYG celebration! I brought all my required books for today, and it was rather heavy. Tough luck, I guess?

I'll skip to the celebration part. Damn, the celebration lasted for 2 hours. No breaks, intervals whatsoever. We were watching dance showcases from each dance group, a skit, a choir and band performance. I kinda liked the international dance's showcase, not because I'm sexist, but the dance, frankly speaking, was graceful and sophisticated. Though not synchronized, it was an effort well done. The other dance showcases were typical as I have watched them before and was of no interest to me anymore. The skit started out hilarious, but began to get boring after a while. For choir, it was alright, though such performance does not interest youngsters nowadays. The band performance was awesome, though the second song was rather boring.. I would actually love to see a performance based on the movie "Drumline", but maybe it's just Singapore.

Mr Sandhu hosted the various *edited* games. I was having my head down all the time, afraid at the fact that he knows me, he could just scream my name out randomly. Gosh, I hate random moments. All the games were innovative and looked pretty fun. The reward was a popcorn voucher which you could get popcorns for free during recess (I think?). And before that, Mr Sandhu said it was a $50 Takashimaya voucher. Dude, I almost fapped, $50?! But in the end, it wasn't it. *lmao*

After about 1.5 hours, my leg muscles began to hurt, on both sides. It wasn't being numb, there was pain felt. When I finally stood up, gosh, it felt so, so good.

I'll skip to the relay run. At 4.30 pm, my class went up to the 4th floor to witness the relay run. After waiting for 10 minutes, I decided to look around. Babes, choir girls, cameras, Mr Goh on the mic and then I thought saw someone familiar. I saw Mr Gary Lam, still, I think my eyes are playing a trick on me. Maybe he returned? Gosh, revival of the History subject! After around 5.10 pm, the relay run started, from the top floor all the way to the ground floor. I think I seen this before in school, can't remember which year, but I'm sure it wasn't an offical relay run, probably a school event.

It started to rain as well, and peak hours. Damn, I hate peak hours. People who stay nearby wouldn't worry, but it's hell for me! I have to take 2 buses home.. 139 wasn't so bad, I managed to get a seat. After I gotten down at Parklane, I waited for 131. The first two 131 buses were fully packed. There was, literally, no way to enter the bus. I almost wanted to hail for a cab, but what the hell, it's not like I HAVE to reach home urgently or something.. Home felt so near, yet so far. I decided to wait, and another fully packed bus arrived. This time, there was some space. Went home in an uncomfortable position.

Finally, home sweet home. I threw my bag on the ground and slammed myself on the bed. Kinda reminds me of Likeable or Not, haha.

A really long and tiring day.

Gonna sleep now.

Good night and peace out!

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