June 3, 2008

Another quick update.

Good evening everybody!
I have not died yet.. I know you want me dead.. *roar*

Anyway.. Just to bring up my checklist..
1) Getting my Fujin character to 105 ASAP.
2) Exercise one hour a day, from 6am to 7am.
3) Finish all my mock exams.
4) Go out at least once. Hopefully to be occupied the whole day! Need to chill..
5) Extreme revision for Physics. (Cos of the mock exam Mr Chan's gonna give after the holidays)
6) Finishing my D&T folio for N level marking, artifact and presentation boards, during the second week of June.
7) Revamp my room.
8) Revise for other subjects, i.e Maths, Science and English.

Before I do anything else.. Here's my June wallpaper!

Cool eh?

And yes! My Fujin character in 12Sky is finally 105! Been a month since.. Some screenshots, though some people will not be interested at all. Btw, Fujins = Ninjas, so hence the dark suits and fierce eyes. I like it.

Me with my new armor and orange blades. (Anyone good in Chinese to describe what my flag is saying? Thank you!)

Nice view of the snowy fortress, Padsong.

Another view.. Not as nice..

Normal stance.

Me, standing with Rachel's AFK shop. She's at work, meh. WAHAHA.

Well, that's all for today. I'll be returning to school tomorrow for D&T. I doubt I'll be going for the SS remedial, because there will be a clash in time. Sorry AJ :(

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And I'm not replying tags again.. Cuz I'm lazy!

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