January 20, 2007

Woah.. Wtf man.. I'm so damn tired..
Just reached home after a 14 hour long NPC practice for scouts..
My feet hurt, my body is aching, my arms are numb and i'm DRENCHED IN RAIN WATER..

Once again, the sky had done me a great "favour"..

Oh well..

Today was kinda fun despite the fact that it is very fast paced and sorta "tekan-ing".. Well, i was in charge of logging.. Logging is a event in NPC (National Pioneering Competition) that is about chopping wood into half.. Something like Axemanship i would say..

I would like to give a hell trucklotsa thanks to Ganesh for buying that humongous axe at $48 and another 2 at $18+ each. Ganesh, you rock lah!

FYI, Ganesh is a relief teacher in school. So some of you might know him.

I'm kinda sick of the rain..

- It RAINS when i'm going for tuition.
- It RAINS when i'm having NPC practice in school.
- It RAINS when i'm playing basketball in a community center.

... and



Anyway, gotta sleep now..
Before that, i must apply ointment on my whole body..
Eh no, it would burn my body..
Argh, whatever man..!

Thanks for visiting my blog..
..and may God bless you!

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