January 17, 2007

It had been great this week. As always, i will blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So much for blogging everyday (:

I don't like to dwell on the past and so i shall just talk about today.
Well, i kind of liked today. It didn't rain today. Okay, that's one. I just feel happy all over. I dont know why, maybe i drank happy juice this morning. At least it didn't rain, otherwise i'll be listening "Cry Me A River" again. Another thing is that my clothes aint drying and i really NEED the sun!

Back to today, as always, i came to school very early. Damn bored, so i played Scrabble on my phone. Then more people came and they came with a FOOTBALL! Yeah, long time never play. So we played, and we played, and we played until Mr Mui came to the "stage". Lol~

Had D&T as the first period. Luckily, Mr Kung appeared in front of me. Well, i explained to him why i never came yesterday for some Maths thingy. Bleh, he scolded me and i quite expected that (:

One more thing, he said, "Lucky you come tell me before lesson, or else i will be very angry!". Kinda pleased.

... ran for 5 rounds around the arena during recess. Yaya, daily routine yeah.

History started. Mr Edwin Lim gave the class good and bad news.. Good news = Test?!? Until that i found out that the first History test will be on my birthday! 24th January! I was like !@#$!

Last few periods, CME. But something happened today, a girl in my class scolded "Chao Ah Beng" at someone i dont know but i guess he looks like one? Then someone told me that the so-called Chao Ah Beng scolded some sort of dirty stuff at her and she got furious. I guess it cant be tolerated. If i were her, i woulda taken my claws and paw his face. Meow~

After school, went to take a dump. Feel relived. Why the !@#$ am i saying this..?

Then, went to do some Scout stuffs. Pass up consent forms etc.

Finally bought half of my books. I'm left with History and Social Studies. Zzz..

And.. I went home!

Rest easy dude (:

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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