January 6, 2007

the past few days..

Yeah.. I changed my blogskin again..
But this time, it's much more simple and easier to look at.
I kinda like it =P

Anyway, back to the subject. My first few days in school were great despite the fact that i retained. I was glad to see that my class were a bunch of friendly guys, or maybe not. Honestly, i really enjoyed the first 3 days of school. Of course, i made some new friends, which was expected. Little did they know, i'm a very boring guy. I don't talk much like the others. Maybe because i lived a life full of solitude, which makes me a quiet person. But of course, i will still stay with my old friends =P.

Sec 1 orientation was a success. At first, i thought the roman catapult was a goner. It kept on failing. It failed to throw forward. It always throw backwards.. Zzz.. Until the SAMARITANS came! Shi Wei and Ken went to help us. Man, they are really that damn good. It's like in the middle of the field all the way over the soccer field fence. I was told that it's was not the FURTHEST! I was like !@#$%? It was so godamn far and it's not the furthest? Well, i shall see the godly catapult then =P Credits goes to Bin Ming, Shang Xuan, Shi Wei, Ken and myself =P

But one more thing, Mr Kung is now giving me some tightness.. He said that all Mathematics Textbooks must be brought everyday without fail. Failure to do so will result in screaming and whining. Oh Mai Gawd la.. I didn't even receive the booklist for Sec 3 last year and i didn't even know that there WAS A NEW SYLLABUS FOR ALL BOOKS! Man, this is some fucked up shit.. Which means my old books from last year can be thrown away.. Zzz.. I hope that Mr Logan will have stock by next week. Or else i'll be in for some SCREAMING MASSACRE..!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

Seeya (:

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