January 24, 2009


Just wanna thank everyone who wrote birthday comments on Friendster and Facebook, Tajinder, Vera, Fengying, Juihao!

..everyone who wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 23th! Asha, Siraj, Hock Zheng, Zhixun and forgotten who else.. Sorry!

..everyone who SMSed me! Hock Zheng, Justin, Winston and Jiemin!

..everyone who gave me presents, Mum, Dad, Fengying's Mum, Rachel, Hock Zheng, Chungaik, Mengci! (I think that's all, if your name was supposed to be here, please acknowledge!)

..everyone who was present when I was getting mashed.. LOL. Mun Tat (Mastermind!), Beng Shiang, Kenneth, Kai Jie, Tajinder and anybody who was at the toilet that time! I smelled like rotten cheese.. Eeew.

..everyone who commented on my 24th Jan post! Shunhui and some person named PINNG, no idea who, no blog as well, but I appreciate it!

..everyone who gave me presents and greetings in Granado Espada! Erin, Melvin, Weiyang and Justin again! (100m z0mgwtfuxx)

Once again, THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING. Every single little thing counts!

Till then, enjoy your Chinese New Year, hope you'll receive lots of red packets and may God bless you!


  1. HAPPY 18!
    remember to buy me liquour!!

  2. argh! so very sorry. LOL! happy belated birthday!! >.<