January 4, 2009

Before I sleep..

Well, good evening!

First off, I apologize for not replying tags. It's just a part of me which is lazy. I'll TRY to be active in replying..

I have trouble sleeping, I hope I'm not having insomnia or something.. So I decided to blog.

The weekend was fun, I was playing with Justin and some of his friends in Call of Duty 4's Multiplayer. It was truly fun, reminiscing the Tuesdays in LAN shops with Derrick, Kenneth and Mun Tat (Occasionally, Hock Zheng and Chungaik tagged too *grins*). For the first time, I played a Shipment FFA (Free-For-All, exactly like Deathmatch) in a full room! It was fun fragging each other's butts and I'm the top fragger! Old days are so fun..

Of course, I need to play less and work more. O levels, dude, O LEVELS. That one ticket to the Polytechnic of my dreams, training for Games/Graphic design.. I wish the days would past by quickly. I just detest having to sit for written examinations all over again.

Everyone has changed.. A new year, a new game? LOL. Maybe everyone matured, yeah, that could be it. Ah well, it has to happen one day right? To think that I was still thinking of the past, thinking of the unity we had! Man, those days were the best. Still, all good things come to an end. Whatever it is, I hope everyone carries their memories wherever you go. High School a.k.a Secondary, like most people said, carries our most precious and unforgettable memories. Believe it or not.

My only wish for this year, is to get good quality grades to enter my design course, have an informal class photo shoot for keepsake and attend graduation night, where we all bid our goodbyes and adios to each other. Simple but fascinating.

Ah, all these words are making me sleep! Maybe a new way for me to get sleepy? Haha!

Alright then, till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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