January 6, 2009

A day gone horribly wrong?

Well, a day gone horribly wrong. Why? To start it off, my first two periods was English. This year, Tuesday's English lessons (I think?) are to be conducted in the AVA room, as a lecture. So, we do not need to bring our books for class. It started well, with Mr Siew lecturing us. He's quite a cool guy actually, though can be rather firm verbally at times. It was all well, until at the midst of the lesson ending, some dude willingly added a "NOT" into "I CAN''.

When that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse.

Mr Siew got frustrated, not through his appearance. He looks quite calm, but we know he's fuming inside. That culprit did not own up his mistake, which made the whole class a ghost town. Great, just when I was enjoying the lecture.. I mean, what's wrong with owning up. It's an act of honesty, it doesn't brings you to hell and even get praised for being honest (EVEN though you done something wrong). I doubt that culprit went to look for Mr Tan today. I'll see what happens tomorrow then. They might let go of this matter, I think..

Still, what a bad way to start the morning.

With that done, we still had 15-20 minutes of English left. We ended up returning to our classrooms instead of continuing the lecture. We might not even get a lecture in the future, thanks to that whoever. Mr Tan took over English and requested the culprit to own up to him after school, which I doubt he will.

After all that, me and Mun Tat headed for the D&T room. The whole 3 periods were just full of slack in between. The O level project theme has yet to arrive, so we can't continue. We just had some theory lessons. To be honest, theory lessons are just boring. I don't like it when teachers just read everything from a textbook and expect every student to be absorb the facts. Some practicals would be fine, but no. Especially if the teacher speaks in a monotone, it makes you sleepy. An alternative for sleeping pills huh?

After D&T was Maths! <- Yep, an exclaimation mark for KUDOS!
Mr Kung was awesome, seriously. At least, we started work already. I can't stand slacking around, doing nothing and waiting for the day to end. I need some homework! I need some stress! 9 months is all I have, and it's way too short. Other people may think otherwise, but I still feel that having your own opinion is the way to go.

I recall Mr Kung saying that a individual cannot survive alone. I have to agree with that. Teamwork might seem a bit vague for 5B. The class, 5B is more of a spilted class than a merged one. Since it's only the third of school, we might need some time to get along. But my gut feeling tells me that more bad events will happen in the future.. Screw you, gut feelings.

Recess was next. Boring shit.

The next 3 periods were pathetic. Plain pathetic. Old habits die hard eh? Even without Ms Foo, the class still seems as "lively" as ever. I seriously need to pass Humanities. Grade 5 for N level for me is bad. It might be a fluke. With no choices left, group studies or self studies might the way to go. Oh those goddamn mouths keep opening.

After school, our seating arrangement changed. Well, if we were to keep to our arrangements, it could be a miracle. This time, maybe. The new arrangement seems promising enough. As for me, I'll always be the same. Whichever seat I'm at, I'll stay with it till it gets changed.

That's me.

Woah, this might be the longest post I written in a long time. That's Mr Typealot for you!

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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