September 5, 2009

Can't sleep.

Yeah, I can't sleep.
A lot's been bugging me lately.
I shall use this September holiday to regain my composure.
Heh heh.

But.. Don't you think that for the rest of our lives, we'll be packed with work all day long? Think about it, if you're a male, you have to be the sole breadwinner of the family and work your butt off every single day and maybe spend the weekend with your family. If you're a female, you either work or care. Unless you have a child, you'll be working as well. So it's likewise for male and female. So the only period where we can enjoy life to the fullest is after our retirement. Life is weird, really.

Still, you have to be happy with what you are doing. As long as you love your job, nothing matters right? Haha..

I always wonder what the future holds for me.. Will we be living in a robotic and futuristic world, where traditions are vanished, humans evolved into cyborgs. I do not want that kind of life. Somehow, I feel that technology is advancing way too fast. I would rather stick to traditions, than rely on robots all day long. The fruits of hardwork is always sweet!

I have yet to travel.. I want to explore mother nature and its beautiful landscapes.. One day, maybe..

Oh if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do.. It's below.

Good morning (Haha..) and peace out.

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