September 4, 2009

Stressful week ahead!

So.. Term 3 has ended. I never expected it to be so soon. I'm finally gonna take my O levels in a month's time. Time had been a bitch. Simply put, time was insufficient. I have yet to brush up on my Humanities, Maths and Chemistry. I have no problems with the rest, just those 3. Gonna exercise as well, to try and lose as much pounds I can before the prom night. Btw, I know it's unusual of me to say this, but if anyone needs a studying partner (Although I'm not much of a help, cus I suck at those 3), please hit me up. Preferably afternoon till night. I'm a quiet guy so you can ensure silence. (Of course, if you have no interest in revision, don't bother asking me out)

Alright. Enough of that.

I had my English papers today. Paper 1 was so-so. The questions were suitable for my current situation, and I chose question 1, which was a personal recount (One of my favorite questions). I had a lot to write for this question, which resulted me writing 679 words. It's my first time writing and exceeding the word count range. I don't know whether I'll get penalized for it but I certainly put in my 100%. Situational writing was a change.. The format was in speech form. I was glad, because I was left with so little time and my hands were aching badly. I managed to finish both sections in time, I did a word count but did not have enough time to scan for errors. Oh well..

Headed up to the library for a lil chill out session, only to realised that I was a few minutes late for the next paper. I'm sure I was not informed that the paper will start at 10.20am, maybe I was sleeping. Paper 2 was a pain in the ass. I managed to answer all the questions, but I'm certain I'll fail paper 2 ONCE AGAIN. I wrote my summary, in a rather robotic response. Once again and again, insufficient time for checking right after I finished my summary. Sucks to be me, right?

Went back home for a lil afternoon nap. I remembered what Mrs Benjamin told the class during the workshop. That if you took afternoon naps, you're most likely to fall asleep during that period of time. Having heard that, I took my final afternoon nap. I decided, NO AFTERNOON NAPS THIS HOLIDAY! I hope to abide by it.. Sheesh.

I'm done here.

Good night and peace out!

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