October 4, 2009

Life is beautiful.

Yup, life is beautiful, FOR ME, that is. Whenever things are going badly, I'll always try to make myself happy. Well, definitely not by drinking or any other similar ones.. Life is always unfair, but still, I suck it up, like a sponge. Hmm..

The past few days been rather hectic, well, except for Friday.. Lessons ended quite late on Friday, like around 5 pm. Not to mention, it was already peak hours. As a result, I ended up standing while almost everyone sat on their comfy seats. My legs were aching already, and I had to meet Erin later that night. I tolerated. I reached home, washed up, ate dinner and went to meet Erin. Surprisingly, she brought a friend, a female one. I wondered what was gonna happen.. Cus I have a soft spot for females. At the end of our study session, she suddenly said, "Let's overcome your weakness for girls!". For 30 minutes, we did not have sex (I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!). We merely just made eye contact to each other, for 30 MINUTES. I did perspire a lot. After a while, I'm like.. "Hey, it's not that bad after all..". Right now, I think I can face girls with a lot more confidence now! Thanks Erin and her friend, Huiyi (I think?), owe you guys one!

Saturday. Heh. Initially, I thought the F9 students were taught by Mr Auyong, being the only reason why I came yesterday. As Vice-Principal, he should be able to a better job that most teachers right? However, I was tricked. They did not say that the N(A) and Express students would be split up! Seriously! And what's with this stereotype about N(A) students behaving badly? The AVA room is so huge, really, there's no reason why both streams should be split up.. In the end, our teacher was Miss Tho. She was alright, I think? Lots of students told me that she digresses frequently, but yesterday, she digressed a little..

Still, what a shitload of fuck. I don't know.. I just hate being tricked, that's all.

The world is suffering now.. Tsunamis, earthquakes, MISSILES BEING FUCKING LAUNCHED IN NORTH KOREA. Seriously, were the North Koreans out of their minds? A single nuclear missile alone could cause radiation up to a thousand folds! You know what? Screw North Korea, and South Korea FTW. What's with all these nuclear businesses?

3 more weeks to O levels.. I'm scared already. 6 years in Gan Eng Seng School, and I'm only doing my O levels now. Lmao. Friends of friends! Please encourage each other to revise! I have to agree with Mrs Tan's quote. Friends succeed together, not alone! Teamwork for the win!

Well, I'm done.
Good night and peace out!

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