October 6, 2009

What an interesting day!

As above.

/starts rant

Why? Here it goes.. It was raining today. It wasn't an ordinary rain. The wind was so strong that a shelter alone, wasn't able to cover me fully. It was raining so heavily that you could not see the buildings. I was paranoid for a second.. I really thought it was a disaster or something. But well, the weather ended kinda fast..

While at school, Miss Pang told a group of selected students (I was one of them.. Unfortunately..) that they must stay back after school every single day from 2.4o/2.00pm to 5.00pm, 6th to 23th October. Which immediately concludes.. No study break for these selected students. Now, with the afternoon consultations, workshops and APs, there would be clashes for these students.. Honestly, I feel that all these extra lessons are just being stuffed into our schedule, without thinking. To add-on, the after-school self-study at the heritage room, well, was really bad.

It was so warm, with only two fans. The lights were so glaring, and releases heat as well. The tables were so DAMN small. The tables cum chair, 2-in-1, in the AVA room. It just.. feels really crammed, but I'm able to get accustomed to it. I would rather study in a void deck, despite not having any fans at all. Apparently, there were two groups, one called Ship and the other, Dragon. We were the "Ship", and it didn't feel like one. Wasn't it supposed to be called a Junk? On the other hand, Dragon was studying in an air-conditioned room.

Picture a Ship. It should be cooling, as there are waters everywhere. Picture a Dragon. It breathes scorching flames and it's very warm. Get the irony?

/ends rant

Good night and peace out!

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