October 7, 2009

Tiring day!

What a tiring day!

I was a bit down today.. Cus I gotten a 28/80 for the Maths Mock Examination. I was sad though, cus I really did study for the examination, but I happened to forget all of it again! Please.. Please don't say I'm lying, cus I really did study. I was probably the lowest in the class, judging by Mr Chui's comment. But he was a good guy, because when I asked him for help, he said, "What happened to you?" and also added that I should work hard and stuff like that. It was encouraging, really. Jerome and Muhib also encouraged me to strive on! Thanks guys and Mr Chui!

Mr Kung WAS definitely disappointed! Yeah, it was really weird that everyone did their Maths Paper so fast, and I was probably the of the last few guys in Mr Chui's group who was still doing it. I skipped a horribly easy Algebra question, and Mr Kung FINALLY scolded me for it. I had to stay back after the paper to do some Algebra revision. Muhib was kind enough to stay back and help me a little. But you know what's the irony? I'm able to do all the exercises on the assessment book he lent me, BUT I'M TOTALLY LOST AT HOW TO APPLY IT INTO THE QUESTION! After 2 hours of intensive revision, finally, I'm able to do it. I probably will fail the Maths Paper 1 again.. But this time, I learned a valuable lesson!

I studied with Jerome till 7pm in the evening. As always, studying in the evening rocks, cus nobody's disturbing you. Peace and quiet. Oh, and if anyone wanna study with me and Jerome, please do come, though a maximum of 4 people would be alright.

With O levels around the corner.. I can't help it but to make use of every opportunities around me.

Yeah. In short, I woke up. =D

Good night and peace out!

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