October 19, 2009

Reminiscence is the remedy to nothing.

Alright, I shall update.

The past few days have been rather.. depressing. My school life officially ended on last Friday. I did everything that I rarely do during this year like disturbing friends, playing around and much more. Mr Kwan received his retirement *something* during assembly that day. The D&T students and I were elated! We took a group picture together, with other D&T students as well to commemorate his retirement. Happy retirement Mr Kwan, rest assured we'll do well for our D&T theory papers!

After school, I had to rush home quickly to attend a relative's funeral (It was the first funeral I attended). It was my father's brother's wife, probably my Aunt I guess? I know, I suck at memorizing a family tree.. Whatever. It was a depressing sight, really. It was my first time being at a Chinese funeral. I had to wear a white shirt and a blue patch, with was pinned onto my right short sleeve. I had to perform, with other relatives, numerous rituals and prayers. Haha, I'm still feeling the pain from kneeling down continuously. For the whole day, my face was dull. Because when someone I know passes away, I get very emotional.. But being realistic, how can one actually feel happy in a funeral? During a ritual, I saw my Aunt in the casket, and I just cried a little. I'm gonna miss her, really. She cooks very well and she's a very devoted mother to her children..

On Saturday, I reached at 9am+ at the funeral for the cremation ceremony. We had to do some rituals again, probably to pay our respects I guess. Then a musical troop comes in and plays. When the children need to carry their mother's casket, we were told to turn around. After that, we have to walk with the crowd and the troop. After walking for awhile, we head up into the bus and head to the crematorium. While at there, we have to some final rituals because Aunt gets cremated. During cremation ceremony, everyone was crying. I cried too, it was just.. a depressing sight.. After that, we returned to Ubi for lunch and headed back home.

Suddenly, I had a reminiscence. I felt awkward not attending Suying's funeral in the USA months ago. I missed her so much.. There's simply no way I could forget her. I have to, one day though. Reminiscence is the remedy to nothing.

Sigh. Life's obstacles..

Talk about life's obstacles, I watched Project Hope earlier on and once again, felt depressed at the amount of people who died. Some people would say that 2012 is really the harbinger of doom, but I would, on the other hand, suck it up and pray for the deceased souls. Instead of losing hope and REALLY hoping 2012 is death, help others. Vietnam, Philippines and now Thailand because of a mere grenade or bomb which killed numerous. These people are innocent and they don't deserve to die! Even babies died. This had had to be the worst week ever.

We're lucky in Singapore, because no disaster could reach us. The countries surrounding us are our punching bags. Guys, if you treasure your life, live it to the fullest. Be optimistic and compassionate. People outside our country are suffering greatly, while you're here, playing games, complaining about your life and so much more.

My dearest Aunt and those who passed away during the disasters, please rest in peace.

Good night and peace out.

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