February 12, 2007

Well, there's nothing special today..
BTW, i just want to say that Dragon Scouts had done a wonderful job in clinching the GOLD awards for both Tower and Bridge, and getting a Challenge Shield for Tower! Congrats to Roman Catapult too for Silver! You guys rock!

Just wanna discuss a few things..

1) Why do we get praised for doing the wrong things?
Do we? I just don't get it.. Student scold teacher means COOL? Student talk back to teacher means COOL? All this is getting me influenced too. I admit i scolded a teacher before, but i regretted it. Teachers are people who can decide your fate with their own hands. But then, students this days still talk back and bully them. I just don't the meaning of "FUN" in it. Is it "FUN" to bully teachers so that they could not teach the class? All this bad offenses done to teachers are reported in report books or testimonials. Having a bad record is bad enough while having a bad testimonial is worse. To whom ever is reading this, please think twice before talking back to a teacher. Teachers are here to help, not to get bullied. But of course, some teachers are unreasonable and strict. FTW, i still believe strict teachers DO care for their class. For instance, Mr Kung =P

*PS: No flaming please. I writing this from my point of view.

2) Is it better to suffer now, and enjoy at the end?
Is it true or false? To be realistic, it's definitely true. I heard from my graduated Scouts that they neglected their free hours (which is used for playing games etc.) to study for their examinations. Of course, it's the right way. As for myself, i'm still slacking and playing games non-stop. Hopefully, it's time for me to wake up and get serious. The fact is, there is not possible solution to pass "N" and "O" levels without studying, unless you are some sort of intelligence cyborg or whatever. So after hearing this from my seniors, i do feel scared. My aim is to go to JC, but the problem is that i have to pass ALL my subjects, which is L1R5. Guys, please get serious from now. Lotsa teachers are like working there butts off to mark scripts and pass them to the class the next day. Please repay them by completing Secondary education and moving on to a JC/Poly.

*PS: No flaming again. Just my 2 cents.

Although life is unfair, life still must go on no matter what. Hardship and stress are what we experience everyday.

I guess i'll need to buck up for now. It's definitely not time to retain the 2nd time. Better push through and go to Sec 4 next year.


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