February 14, 2007


Everyone seems very lovey-dovey today. What to expect from Valentine's Day. Haha! Saw a lot of couples outside my block this morning. Don't know what reason but i hope that it is for the better. Woke up this morning with muscle aches and a cramp on my right knee!! Oh f__k man, hurts so badly. Drank some salt water to relief my knee cramp.

F__k man, people are gonna make of me again. Well, fortunately, my cramp was cured when my friend punched my knee. LOL! I was like "Wtf LAH! You F__KING CURED ME!"

Faris wanted to reach 300 greetings of "Happy Valentine's Day", LOL! Shake hand, kissy-kissy and mushy-mushy. I saw a lot of boxes with cookies in them. I wonder they are made by whom.

First period was D&T, did nothing much. Just completed my design. Maybe i'll post a pic or two of my design =P

Next was Maths, the only period that i can never fall asleep. Finally, i know how to simultaneous equations after like 2 years. I guess i'm a noob. Ahahah, noob!

Recess, blah blah blah..

Next 4 periods, Edwin was like absent again. Went to his blog and saw "TOOTHACHE!!". LOL! Guess that's why he didn't came to school. Did nothing much thou, play Asphalt on my phone and then it blacked out. Zzz.. Mr Tan came to relief us thou, he wanted us to do the class test which was supposed to resume at Thursday. I predicted the class would reject the test and well, i'm correct!

Last period was HECTIC! People were kicking and chipping used water bottles. There was even a bottle which almost razor-ed thru one of girls. I missed my MP3, the sound of kicking bottles was giving me a headache.

After school, i sped all the way to the library for the Lunchtime Concert. But of course, to soothe my ears! Yukai and Dennis were pianists for the concert. They played well and especially Yukai who played Welcome to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Nice concert!! *CLAP CLAP*

Then went for Total Defense Day Rehearsal. Sian-ed.

That's about it for today!
Gotta go!
Seeya and Happy Valentine's!


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