February 9, 2007

Lol. Today super paiseh sia..

After the flag raising ceremony, i was shocked.. I was asked, along with other student leaders, to do a school cheer.. I was like f__ked.. Started sweating like crazy, with everyone looking at me.. Okay, at least i went up.. Then i started to get even more nervous, in front of everybody.. Sigh, whatever la.. Kinda screwed up.. Then, Danial and Zhixun disturb me.. Very common la..

Next was Chemistry..
Nothing special today.. The class did the workbook.. Then did a small experiment.. Danial was doing the experiment with Ms Mah.. Something similar like last week's. In the end, it's all an experimental failure =P

Then PE..
Did nothing much thou.. Played basketball.. How i wish the school got rugby cca.. Just had something on my mind today and did not played well..

Next was English..
Somehow, i loved English lessons.. Watched the 2nd part of "Life is Beautiful". The movie rocks man! I really admired Guido.. He rocks la, he knows how to make people feel happy.. Overall i rate the show outta 5, 4.5/5!

Then, recess..
Daily routine ya.. No recess for me.. Go basketball court, play ball.. I dont know why i feel that the sky is falling on me.. Guess i've got too many things in my head..

Then D&T..
Mr Kwan took us to the Design Studio. Man it was fun! We played with the SketchBook Pro, imagine drawing freehand on a laptop. The colors were sooo smooth and easy to edit..

School ended, i went for Scouts for awhile and went home to see a doctor for my f__king flu.. Yeah, it's real f__ked up..

Gotta go now..
Tomorrow's my Logging competition.. I hope i'll win!


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