February 27, 2007

Fark my flu, fark my headache..
It's driving me NUTS!
Everyday blow nose like some mad freak..

Okay, enough of that.. Woke up quite late today, around 5.35am.. While i was just walking out of my house, i suddenly realized that i forgotten to bring along my tie.. And ya, i wasted like 6 mins just finding it.. GREAT.

Went to school punctually, phew yo! As always, sat down and look at the sky.. The sky looks like it's gonna rain in the late morning.. After the assembly, Ms Tay told us to take our temperature at the ARENA?! Then i suddenly realized, my thermometer was spoiled! I was like "!@#$ WHO THE [censored due to extremely offensive content] SPOILED MY FRIGGIN' THERMOMETER!"

Went to Physics lab finally. Unlike Chemistry labs, the Physics lab is rather empty. Out of 27 people, our class only has 8 "survivors"! When it's 8.15am, the class went down to the foyer to take a class photo! I guess i was ugly, so i rather not smile so as to not let others puke.. The informal shot was interesting, everyone was doing a superman pose to the right. Kinda nice i would say! =DD

Went back to the lab again. Did some refraction thingy. Did it before so i kinda remembered everything my previous Physics teacher taught me.

Next was English. For the first time, i see Mr Tan showing a frustrated face.. I somehow feel that he's trying to make the class hate him, or maybe it's just me.. I got 17/80 for my English comprehension.. Fark, i failed.. Better luck next time!

Recess time! Damn, i hate it when Mr Mui takes over TAF. He made us run 10 rounds around the arena! BOO!

Ah ah ah, maths test ehhh! Kinda easy but hard for some.. Hopefully, i'll pass yeah.. Rooting for other people who wants to pass too!

Mother Tongue, Mother Jibai or whatever lah.. I slept during this period.. I'm tired OKAY!

I want to see a doctor but my mother wouldn't let me..
Don't know why..
So i took some Chinese medicine and slept..

How am i gonna submit the excuse letter to HL..

Zzz, guess that's all for today..

Seeya all!

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