February 22, 2007


Me and my unit had a successful flag raising ceremony in the morning. Then went to the speaker's corner for some stuffs. Actually, me and Swee Hong wanted to move slowly, since there is a Maths test going on in the class. I honestly did not revise nor practice on 3.1 in the textbook. In the end, Mr Kung made me and Swee Hong stay back after school to do the test.

Next was P.E. I was bored, wearing a Scouts Full-U disables me from changing into P.E attire. Wanted to play basketball badly, madly and desperately. I'm desperately trying to recall my skills and moves in basketball. I'm like a small kid who can't even dribble with the ball..

And comes the weird-est period arrangement ever. English - MT - English. Just can't understand the time table is set in this manner. I confirmed that i failed my diagnostic test, i did not even do Passage B. Just hope i get last, then a re-test and swoooop all the way to the top to beat the rest! =P

Bleh, recess..

Chemistry test was today. I was unprepared.. I did the test with the best of my knowledge and hopefully get decent marks for it. Quite sleepy yeah, slept during Ms Mah's lesson. Don't know why man..

Social Studies yeah. Speechless.. Could not catch any ball while Ms Joseph was teaching. So i just slack-edddd!

After school, need to meet Mr Kung at 1D classroom for Maths test. Sure dieee, did 7 questions and the other 3 incomplete.. 2 wrong questions and GOOD GAME YEAH! Everyday stay back all the way to 5pm. WOOTS! I'M SO F___KING HAPPY!

And ya, if Mr Kung don't even give Saturday and Sunday a break. I got nothing to say!

Went for C.O.H. Kinda boring, 5pm+ then finish. Freaking tired..

Went to Suki Sakura for Zhao Bin's birthday! Haha, ate until bloated.. Went home with a bloated stomach..

Gotta sleep now! Seeya!

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