February 23, 2007

Finally can wear school uniform! Yay-ness!

Today was freaking godlike! A lot of people, never bring their thermometers to school. Imagine Mr Mui getting frustrated over these tiny matters.. Luckily, i brought mine!

After that, me and the "remaining survivors" went to the chemistry lab. We did chromatography today. I did not perform the experiment well thou.. The markers were either out of ink or the tip is just too small! I already know that my experiment will fail.. Oh well, what to say but EXPERIMENTAL FAILURE!

P.E was next.. Played basketball with a few people.. Kinda boring yeah.. I admit that my basketball skills had gone rusty.. I could not even execute a layout properly.. Or maybe, i grown too fat? Yeah, maybe!

English was next! Congratulations to Jiemin and Jasper for getting top in the English comprehension test! I swear that i'm gonna beat you all, nah just joking! Today's lesson was Narratives and Summary Writing.. And i definitely need to improve on my Narrative, likewise for Summary!

Recess.. Played basketball again.. Feeling hopeless yeah.

D&T was next. Did a lot of things these 3 periods.. I wonder if the POA lessons are boring.. Last year, POA was a compulsory subject for me.. It gets harder after the mid-year.. Mug hard!

After school, there's some Scout HQ registration thingy.. Went to the computer lab and typed in the particulars of my patrol members.. Boring..

Then Mr Chan treated me and my group of patrol leaders to eat "yu sen". Along with Ganesh, Mr Kung, Alex, Samantha and Aixia.. We used our chopsticks to mix the "yu sen"! It's kinda fun haha! After that, can go home already.. And then it started to rain heavily.. The school's drain started to flush out water.. It was my first time seeing this.. Kinda cool but dangerous.. Went home with wet shoes.. Zzz..

Tomorrow i got some Scout C.I.P thingy.. So gotta sleep early yeah..

Thanks for reading my blog and do take care!


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