February 7, 2007

Today really suay la.. As in unlucky..

Started off when morning assembly just finished, me and the D&T students were supposed to go up to the 2nd floor to have the lesson.. We tried walking up the stairs near the AVA room, but there were toooooo much people. So we went to the staircase near the Home Economics rooms. Guess what, Mr Goh caught me, Yen Weng, Peng Zhen and Mun Tat. He claimed that we are latecomers and demanded us to go see OM. I was like "wtf?". And it all started, we argued with him. He want to see our form teacher, by all means do it lar.. I also not scared since i never do anything wrong! In the end, you'll be jacked on the face totally! =P

After D&T, maths started.. Then halfway, Mr Kung asked me to answer a question which i did wrong.. Then he call Swee Hong stand up also.. Wa seh, i feel damn guilty.. Then we stood for a period.. At least i did finished all the questions.. But still must see Mr Kung after school. Sian..

Then had recess, Edwin never came again.. So i slacked.. Then saw my previous class, they were like, "Hi JOHN!, Hi hi hi hi!".. LOL.. Nevertheless, i felt relieved..

And ya Edwin never came, so the class had 2 free periods.. Kinda boring, cos i lost my MP3 player.. Sat down and just slept all the way..

After the two periods, we went to the hall for some CIP briefing.. Went there last year alrd.. Might go again, hope that one of the old folks remembers me! Beng Shiang and Hsien Jen were like f__king the hell outta each other.. Boy f__k boy? LOL!!

Then after school, went to the arena for Total Defence Day Rehearsal.. Damn sian la, i'm only a passer-by who will get pushed by the NCC to "back off!"

After that, played badminton with Yiren and Kwan Hong a.k.a busok! Damn fun la, 1 year never play liao and now cannot smack sia.. Sian..

Went home after that..

Gotta go now!


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