February 9, 2009

Bad day.

Good evening.

Today was just another typical, school day.
It. Was. Boring.

Alright.. Let's get straight to the point.

Firstly, I had my common test in the hall. It sucked sitting next to the exits, where no fans are around. It gets really hot fast as I'm rushing through the paper. Oh yeah, we had situational writing today. I have never done the question before. Hopefully, I'll pass this time. I'm already smitten by my diagnostic situational writing marks, which is 13/30.

Next up was Social Studies. Had another test, on SBQ. I'm just so darn lousy at it lah. AP isn't working for me. I have no idea how I passed my Combined Humanities for N levels. Seriously, it was just a fluke? I want to study, but I don't know who the fuck taken my History textbook without my permission. Now, I asked the shopkeeper for the book for days. Is it even arriving? Man, I hate anticipations.

Maths up. Man, I always loved Maths. In the past, I used to hate it so much, Algebra especially. Now, I'm loving it already. Algebra is really the foundation of Maths. You can see Algebra practically in every topic. Matrices, Geometry, Inequalities and so much more. I'm glad I had solo intensive studies on Algebra during the N level preparations. I don't rely on people much, that's why I have no tutors.

English next. HONESTLY SPEAKING, Mr Tan is making me more confused about English. There always seem to be an extension to every part of the English subject. Since day one I started secondary school, I always wrote my compostions and letters naturally. I had decent grades and occasional failures were due to lack of language and points. Also, he should also try to use simpler words for his lecture. There are times when he used words that I could not understand. In short, I hate it that English is getting more complicated now, but I'll try to catch up..

For once.. I felt like I sucked in English as much as Humanities.

Recess time. I went to collect the Maths 2 books from Mr Kung's locker and went back up. Nothing much, just slacked around and chatted with Hock Zheng.

3 periods of D&T was tiring. Nuff' said.

Last period was History. All Mr Leong gave was a question. It's not really helpful since people are copying from the book. Uh, I'll just shut up. I'm not the teacher anyway.

As I was going home via bus, I met these group of students who had their shirts tucked out, tapered pants and that trendy hairstyle. I wanted to keep away from them because they seemed really sensitive. As expected, I was mocked of my appearance, how ugly I look and stuffs like that. I was pretending to be listening music, but in fact, I stopped the music and hear what they had to say. Ultimately, they talked like they had the biggest penises and roundest melon asses
in the bus. After most of them left, there was one of the members left behind. Guess what. He kept quiet.

Ironic. Since you had the biggest penis and buttocks, shout lah! I hate it when people get all cocky when their friends are around, and when they are not, he gets all timid and tiny.

*I'm glad I trained my knuckles to look like.. killer weapons. Lol*

That's all.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.


  1. no wonder you were so pissed off when someone teased u alittle XD

  2. Chungaik - I've always been this way, rofl. I just try to tolerate and controlled myself whenever someone teases me ;)

    Shuting - Sorry. Maths Goddess! :)

  3. Hey john jiayou!!! never say never and never say die!!!!! =D

    HANG ON MAN!!!! =)

  4. Jiemin - Lol, I never said Never and I'll never die. Har har ;)