February 15, 2009


Good evening.

Now that Valentine's Day is over, I can finally relax, since a dude like me wouldn't get much love anyway, heh. A friend told me that Valentine's Day is the one day that couples lose their virginity, which is really reasonable! Well, whatever it is, I hope those couples had a great day.. or night. They certainly wouldn't want to be in my shoes. Yep, I slept the whole day. Pretty much lifeless.. or undead, lol.

Alright.. Actually the reason was because I hurt my right foot. I was limping like crazy for the past few days. At least, it's much better now. I can't jog for a few days, which sucked. I want to lose weight quick.. Oh well, health is a lot more important. After massaging my foot a few times, it felt much better, thank God.. Otherwise I might be mistaken for Mas Selamat, lmao.. Okay, that was a freezing, cold joke.. *sweats*

I had a quarrel with a friend last week. It was really bad, I tell you. Firstly, he said things behind my back, saying how fat I was, and crap like that. You know, it wouldn't hurt to be fucking honest with me, than being a wolf in a sheep's clothing. I'm the kind of guy.. who's like.. cut the crap, get straight to the point. Beat around the bush? Come and suck this lil stick of mine. How the hell are people gonna change when you don't express your opinions about them? What, you expect them to find it out themselves? It's a endless cycle, for fuck's sake. Sheeeesh, I washed my hands off him, he sucks, period. He was never a friendly dude anyway, calling him a friend is like sticking my penis into an antnest.

The above was the reason why I felt so moodless nowadays. February is an anger month, I suppose? Since day one of February, problems arose from nowhere. I really hope that this will end, quickly. I'm sick and tired.. of this crap.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Yep, yep. Bad mishaps, quarrels are all part of life.

I'm gonna put aside.. those bad memories. I hope.

I'm really looking forward to the class jersey! It costs $30, which I feel is reasonable enough, I can't imagine people complaining over this price.. For the first time, I get to wear a jersey (which may be big enough for me) that belongs to a whole class. For the past 2 years, I had 2 jersies, but it wasn't class based, it was a friend's jersey. I really love class unity and teamwork, something that I hadn't experienced for my 11 years of studying (Primary and Secondary). Hopefully this year might ACTUALLY be the turning point for me! I've been to classes of individualists, anti-socialists (I'm one of them, hehe) and extremists.

Yes. Class unity was my second New Year resolution, with studying hard and passing O levels as my first.

I get so jealous when I see class blogs.. with full of pictures containg class photos. Man, they looked so happy and lively. Actually, you know what? I might even open up a class blog, to put up homework, notices and random crap. It might be really fun! Opinions?

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!


  1. eh, if you wanna make a class blog i'll contribute too! =)

  2. everyone is just waiting for it
    anyway,u and mas selamat have a way big difference -.-

  3. Jiemin - I'm trying to get more responses.. Hopefully it'll be up soon ;)

    Chungaik - Waiting for? Well, Mas Selamat walk with a limp, that's the similarity. Anyway I recovered so that's out ;)

  4. waiting for you to create a forum lah

  5. Chungaik - Forum? Forum needs many people to survive. Besides, I already created one. It's dead though, I spread it around but not much people registered for it.

  6. that means...you,spreading,isnt effective.
    even i dont know about it -.-