February 10, 2009


During Social Studies today, Mr Leong showed us a video on the 911 twin tower attacks. It was so horrifying and saddening. I don't know how people still could laugh, including myself. So many people died, loved ones and families. They died for no reason! Their deaths are all caused by some random plane that a group of terrorists hijacked and it went straight into the towers. These terrorists have no heart at all, I swear.

I feel that we should be compassionate and not laugh at the people who died.

You know.. We are the luckiest people on Earth. Singapore is surrounded by large countries, so it is most immune to natural disasters and it's harder for terrorists to search and destroy. I feel really safe and seeing my mother going home safely everyday just makes me happy. I'll just live my life smiling away. That might just be the most beautiful thing about life.

Tomorrow's gonna be one long day. After school, there will be AP. Aww.

Nuff' said.

Need to sleep early.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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