July 22, 2006

I'm very, very stressed..
Yiren, you think i'll quit maple for the sake of the gunbound?
Think again..
Gunbound is a fucked up game in my point of view..
Sorry for the abusive language..
So please, for the last time, i really, really do not want to play gunbound.

I do not care whether scouts had lost to ncc in soccer..
To me, soccer DOES NOT prove that ncc is better than scouts..
I'm already a Patrol Leader..
I'm given so many responsibilities..
So please..

And Charlene, sorry for yesterday about me flaring up..

And one last thing, do not let all this negative factors affect our friendship..
Friendship is meant to last forever..
Cause friends are important to us..

I'm now having a very bad headache and a tummy ache..
I'm having lots of mosquito bites on both of my legs..
Hope you will understand..

Anyway, as always..

May God bless you..

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