July 11, 2006

Long time never post!

Well, had been busy all the time so dint have the time to blog.

Anyway, i can blog today! It has been a bad week for me.. As a scout, as a student as well. Although, i may seem enthusiastic on the outside, but deep inside my heart, it's full of darkness. I felt tight, as in stressed, because of both studies and scouts. Well, HL told me to manage my stress well. I'm trying and i hope it works!

A lot of bad things happen to me today. First of all, i lost Chee Chong's handphone. That was already bad enough. I promise you Chee Chong, i will try to find your phone although you may seem happy. Well a phone is a phone, when people lose it, they will get angry and beat you up.

And last of all..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The "Unlegendary" Zidane HEADBUTT!

That's all and may God bless you!

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