October 25, 2006

the day of frustration

The report books are somewhat out already. But Mrs Lin took them back. o.O? And ya, i saw the " Retained at S3 (NORMAL) " phrase. Man, when i look at it, i felt very cold. The more i look at it, the more i wanna cry. Guess this is what you would call emotional breakdown or whatever. I chose this path and i will take it. Next year, hopefully all the students in my new class are slackers in their studies, hehe *evil laughs*. And i will take the throne of being the top next year, WAHAHAHAHA!

But now, i can feel the gap between my friends and me. Well, of course we'll still see each other before school starts and after schools. I will always watch the class play soccer in the street soccer court. Yeah xD!

Then, after school at around 3pm, went to my mother's stall to help out. She was shorthanded, and needed help. Nah, it's occasional. I felt very sorry for my mother. She rocks! She's the superwoman! Haha..

One more thing, maybe i'll lose some weight during the holidays to liven up my confidence and looks. 'Cause i look too flabby on the sides xD. Mum says: I looked nice, but seeing my figure, she said, walaoeh. LOL. Hopefully the haze would be driven away, and then i can have peace running around my block.

And finally, i played Maple for an hour. Didn't want to play o2 jam nor AuditionSEA, reason being, my hands are tired and playing fastest finger games will make me go psycho. I found that Stepmania is much more fun than o2 jam. No offence xD!

Haha, i gotta go now. Watching Inuyasha now xD!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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