April 15, 2009


My apologies.. My thousand apologies. (Maybe a thousand isn't enough)

I was hunting for a skin that lives up to my taste, simplicity. I found 2 of them, and unfortunately, it busted up. Both had corrupt codes and in the end, I was too lazy to revert to my previous skin. Enough digressing, I'll try to summarize everything from the past few days.

Well, firstly.. I liked Fast & Furious 4. I admit, I suck at linking up sequels. But heck, the cinematics and actions are awesome. The cars are freaking sexy, and Chungaik's Mustang got.. erm, COOKED. Haha. My favorites are Nissan Fairlady and Skyline, which I think aren't in the movie. Nevertheless, it's an awesome movie. I even believed what others commented about the movie and had a feeling that it will suck. Yep, sometimes you need to watch it for yourself because people have different tastes. I rate the movie overall an 8/10. Do watch it.

..and Jordana Brewster a.k.a Mia Toretto is hawt.

I wouldn't want to mention what happened for the past few days. Most of it were frustrating, annoying and tight. At least, for today, things seemed a little calmer. Did the teachers ate some happy candies? Haha. Today was a happy day. I also had my 2.4 km run around Tiong Bahru Park. We can't run in school because our indoor sports hall was under construction. My timing was a pathetic, 20 minutes. I walked 3 rounds, and ran the rest. I kept thinking that I should not give in my effort at all, because I failed, literally. I passed all my station tests except for pullups. I had to perform 3 pullups to pass! Mission impossible, currently.

I went to the gym with a group of friends. I was just slacking around, messing with people and kicking the medicine ball. I decided to skip the History AP, because it was pointless. And guess what, me and Boon Keat decided to head up to the classrooms and nobody was inside. Wow indeed. Mr Joseph hadn't been teaching us for AP for the past 2 or 3 lessons. We ended up waiting till 3.50 pm (Term 1) and no teacher came. It would've helped if we were informed earlier in the morning. I guess I can only rely on myself.

Well, that's all for today. I need to sleep. I slept at 12 midnight for the past 2 days, I should be glad that I'm still paying attention during class while yawning excessively..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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