July 24, 2007

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Jiemin; NAH, NAH here's your update! Take your time to read! Btw, if my composition marks get 25+, i think i bang my head on the table! It's sounds super impossible.. And i'm not pro.. =.=

Chungaik; Woah! White skinned bangala! You are the only one who exist in the world LOL! Got voodoo magic? Or should i say, white magic?

Zhengyee; Wow! Thanks! You're like the person who encourages me the most LOL! But still, action speaks louder than words!!

Huiying; Wah seh! First time tag my blog! Btw, what letter did you receive? And yeah, i will work hard! You too, must go Sec 5!

This is gonna be a uber long post.

Yesterday, there was a Maths test. And yeah, i got lucky. On the very first question that uses the calculator. YEAH, I WAS UBER LUCKY! The calculator's battery went flat. It showed a zero for about 5 seconds and it faded away. Oh my gawd, i 'kan chiong sia'! Hope the force is with me and just give me a 30/60. PLEASE!

I also received a National Service letter! Like, OH MY GAWD! I have to serve the army when i'm 18 years old! That's like, after my O levels! Shit, better start training now. Fitness consultant please?

24th July. Today!
Today! It rained for two days! I have to draw the classroom key from the eff-ing auntie who never stops whining. I'm the vice-captain and i'm the REAL DEAL! She keeps on 'suan-ing' me like no tomorrow. I'm quite pissed also, ever since i first became a chairman in Sec 2, she never stops her idiotic whining. She goes into happy mode occasionally! Like WTH!

Chinese lesson was next. It was dang boring. The Chinese teacher acted a bit gay LOL! He saw Ms Foo in class and unsteadily went out of the classroom! But his action was super gay, LMAO!

English lesson was next. This have to be one of the most interesting lessons of all. I loved the video whom the guy was lying down on a mat and lifted donkey balls to see the lighthouse clock and the Sir Stamford Raffles joke video, where the name of Singapore is derived from a Malay lady saying 'Singh-Kapoh!'. At that moment, she was pulled by two 'Singhs'. LMAO-ed like madd!

PE was next! OH MY GAWD! TODAY WAS UBER FUN! Firstly, i tickled BK like hell, with the help of a lot of friends! Then, me and some huge dudes COMPRESSED BK LIKE A PANCAKE! LOL, i almost can't breathe! BK's face was freaking tomato red! This have to be most crazy thing i ever did to BK. HAHAHAHAHA! Then played badminton with Chungaik, Yingpin and BengShiang. BS played quite well LOL. Then finally played with Derrick and gang, with a cock without a head. Get it? A cock without a head.

Physics was next. The class is damn noisy today. Don't why LOL. It was so quiet last week! Maybe the class 'tio' mood swing?

Recess was next. Slacked.

Chemistry was next. Experiment-edd with Asha the HBK. The experiment is kinda fun. But this Mah Lai Hock splashed water at me. So we played water war. LMAO!

Mathematics was next. Wonder why Mr Kung kept on talking about, HUSBANDS, WIVES, CHILDREN and BABIES? I was like staring at Swee Hong and i was 'WTF?' It's so unusual of him, man! Imagine HUSBAND and WIFE must have *** together then can solve the equation. ROFL.

Went for marching after school! OMG IT'S SO DAMN FUN! The scout contingent was so enthusiastic! I loved IT! Even though we got punished, but the laughter is all there! HAHA! The rehearsal was fun too! I was at the back row, third column btw. Can't wait to wear the scout's uniform during NDP.

Went home after that.

Well, that's all. There's more below!

>The Flyff Show-off Corner!<
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My beloved Elementor to-be! He's Lvl 47 already! Created for fun 3 days ago!

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Full view of my Elementor To-Be! Hot pink and cool blue!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Mah Smexy Stick of Vel Parpone +5. Upgraded it without SProtects!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Mah Smexy Teba Set +3. Check out the Set effects! It's totally hawt! <3
That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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