July 31, 2007

Reply of tags!
Jiemin; Haha! I see. Derrick aka Mr Bean. LOL~

Chungaik; LOL. I think 4th floor jump down also die already, don't need 21st floor!

I'll always remember this day always.
Because it's my unlucky day.

I woke up at 6am today. That is considered late in my sense. I usually took 45mins-1hr to reach school by bus. Man, i rushed like mad and only had a 1 minute shower. Drank milo instead of my butter breads. Chiong-ed to the bus stop and managed to catch the 6.15am bus. This was the good thing, after i reached Sim Lim Square, 139 came after i walked down. I chiong-ed again and managed to go up the bus.. Sweating like mad already in the morning!

Today was the hair check. Luckily, my hair was so damn short. Btw, is Danilo legally brown? His hair is like brown even after the dye. I'm so jealous! Brown hair looks quite awesome!

First lesson was Chinese. Unexpectedly, i listened to the teacher's lecture. How weird! I actually understand some of the things he said. Maybe my Chinese improved? Nah, impossible..

English up next. Did a letter-writing with BK and Derrick, but they weren't much of a help! I personally prefer solo work! Anyway, wrote a short letter about that topic.

PE was next. Something i didn't like about PE. During PE, there are 3 classes cramped together in the basketball court! We couldn't play basketball properly. In the end, I and Mun Tat went to find Derrick and Kaiz at the fitness corner. Talk cock all the way!

Physics was next! LOL, today! Some boys told me that Ms Chee is wearing a sexy outfit! I was like o.o okay! Anyway, lesson wise. It's okay! I even noticed that Ms Chee's laptop was somewhat similar to Mr Tiah's laptop yesterday! LMAO.

Recess. This is the second part i got angry for today. Derrick and Colambus were fighting, i guess it's Colambus who spilled water at him purposely. It even soiled my bag and my Physics notes. I was like *gonna skin that bangala alive*. Play water also very fun, can spill until my bag. Wth.

Chemistry was next. We went to the laboratory today! Then me and Asha experiment-ed with test tubes and acids. Ling Ling was like pinching Asha's tits so hard, that he almost cried. HAHA! I did this experiment before. The *pop* was really cute lol. *pop*

Maths up next. Mr Kung didn't come today so the relief came in. Suddenly, the relief told me that he was from Dragon Scouts once! His patrol was Panther. Ugh, Panther again!

Assembly. I watched 3 performances from the SYF guys. Kinda nice, but i didn't really like the Indian Dance much. I liked the International Dance gals and a guy! It was so damn graceful, even for a guy. We stayed back for 5 mins due to not coming to the hall early. But our class was the earliest.........

Went for marching. Today's marching wasn't really top-notch. The drum beat is okay. After that, went home.

This is the last thing that angers me.
While going up the 131 bus home, this fucker wearing blue pants and a House T-Shirt purposely tripped me while i'm walking and shouted at me 'Fatso'. Yeah la, i know i'm fat but MUST YOU FUCKING TRIP ME? It's like, i just finished 3 hours of tiring marching and you just trip the hell out of me just LIKE THAT? In the end, we punched each other and he has no balls. After my 2nd punch, he ran away just like that. Sick bastard. Prolly, i think you need an anger management course to help you out. Seriously.

Bloody hell. I walked home with a limp all thanks to that mother fucker.

Now you should know why today is so unlucky for me eh?

Yeah, time to rest now and hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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