July 28, 2007

Reply of tags.
Justin; Hey dude! You have not tagged since a month i think? WTH! Okay, maybe i should lose some fats too. Since NS is coming in two year's time.. Btw, i not handsome please.. I'm just normal looking guy who's just fat!

Jiemin; I hope so! Because if i were him, i wouldn't even forgive myself..

Kimberly; Hey Kimmy! Sure, i will remember!

Chungaik; What thing?

Zhengyee; Damn scary lah! The people behind were like screaming as if there was an explosion!

Shunhui; What feeling? The lightning?

Oh man. I can't believe i'm playing back MapleSEA..
Anyway, if you wanna add me. My IGN is xCatastr0phe, a Lvl 48 Bandit.
I starting to chiong already so add me soon!

Short update for today!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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