July 30, 2007

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Jiemin; Haha! It's DevilzReborN lah! LOL, DevilzReborN HUAT AR! Chiong arh chiong! (Hope Derrick never see this!)

Kimberly; Of cos! First time know me eh? I throw basketball at your face arh!

Zhengyee; Later really tio captured i think all come find you!

Chungaik; Wha.. The feeling is really not shuang.. Run a bit then want drop out liao.. Zzz..

Shunhui; YA LA! This is the second time the life broke down on me! Damn scary lol..

First day of the school week.
One word = SIAN!

9 weeks to End-Of-Year examinations.
Two words = FUCKING SIAN!

If retained in Sec 3 again..
Six words = Can jump down from GESS rooftop.


Reading periods really sucks a lot! First period some more! Damn. Read about an article in the Reader's Digest. Quite interesting.. But couldn't just read on, with the people around me talking. LMAO.

Chemistry was next. LOL, Mr Tiah got a new laptop again! I'm guessing it's from a girl, judging from the wallpaper! Like OMG, it looks so much like BK lah!

Social Studies was next. Ms Foo mentioned that she stepped down as our Form Coach, and Ms Pang will be our official Form Coach! Wonder who's the buddy form.. Mr Pari? Booo..

CME was next. We went to the staircase near the AVA room to do some NE stuff. Quite boring, move here move there find answer. Copy people answer LOL. Then played Chapteh with the guys. It's been how long since i played Chapteh, like 2 years? Primary schools usually sells them, now never..

Recess. Slacked.

Maths was next. Mr Kung won't be coming tomorrow i guess. OMG la, 2 periods wasted. *grins*

English was next! Mr Ng showed us a paper cutting of the China stuffs that were dangerous. LOTS OF THEM MAN! Well, at least Rabbit Candies aren't totally banned. But it still disgusts me that disinfectant were applied in the candy..

History. Kinda boring.. Somehow prefered SS than History..

Went home after that..

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Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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