July 19, 2007

What a day!

Math was the first period. Nothing much though. We are gonna learn Gradient tomorrow! Yeah, my nightmare..

English was next. The same fun as always, Mr Ng is quite a lively guy, eh? Don't chya agree?

D&T was next! I sat beside Mun Tat, AND HE KEPT ON PAWING ME! He pawed my back, my thighs, my head! I think he a bit cat-minded.. Must have learn the skills from BK. Anyway, Mr Kwan screamed at us today. Woah, a bit scary..

Recess. Period.

English by Mrs Chua.. Zzz, she screamed again. Like crazy!

Physics was next. Delayed! Luckily, i managed to finish it. But in a short amount of time, people said that i won't be able to score much. True..

Chinese. Slept all the way..

So lazy update..

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