August 1, 2007

Phew. Today was okay compared to yesterday!

First period was D&T. OMG, the POA students are so lucky today! Mrs Palan never came today and they all slacked in the classrooms! Like Zzz.. Anyway, continued with the presentation boards today. Mr Kwan screamed again! Then i suddenly remembered that Mr Kwan was formerly an officer of NPCC. That should explain his loud voice..

PE was next. I passed my shuttle run but it isn't gonna make any difference now. The only test now i failed is my horizontal bar pull up. I'm too heavy to even lift myself up.. Then Mr Teo said, at least you won't get a zero for your shuttle run! Played badminton with Mun Tat, BK and some express students.

English was next. Mrs Chua had to attend to some matters so that relief teacher came in. Soon after, Mr Mui came in to address us. He said many things about the school and blah blah.

Recess. Calvin and Colambus fought. WTH! Yesterday was Derrick and Colambus. Colambus looking for trouble or what?

Chinese up next. Today is the first time i had a study group during school hours.. CLB students, including me, studied with Ms Pang outside the classroom block and at the study tables. Then Mdm Zahara walked pass and said, 'Ms Pang, you really care for your class'. She was like blushing lol!

Maths. Redo-ed the graph again and again. This is one thing i hate about drawing graphs..

English up next. Can see that Mr Ng is quite pissed with our class. English marks not that high and many people may retain. OMG man! Almost all the teachers in our class are stressed out!

That's all for today.
Short update only.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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