August 9, 2007

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Kimberly; Ok ok, please stop it. I guess he's only joking. I kinda punched him on the shoulder and he got angry i guess.
Justin; Hi ya!
Gary; Hi ya, Gary!
Chungaik; Heyhey, i do not know whether you said those in a moment of folly or what. But still, your shoulder pain is nothing compared to the 3 operations my Dad suffered. And please, stop calling me bangala. Just John is enough. Sorry for not playing pool with ya, it's just family first and then friends second.
Jiemin; Lol, relax ah. Don't later bash up the teacher in the end. Then if the teacher fail your NAPFA, i will laugh at your face!! @_@
Shunhui; PLC 05/06 rawks to the max! Missed the old days man. *palm squeaks*

Heh, visited my father today in Malaysia. Was damn shocked to see him.. He's almost bald and much more slimmer than me. In the past, he's way bigger and fatter than me. Hence the appearances xD. But he still looks stronger than ever since he's much slimmer. Cried when i saw him, can't imagine the pain he gone through during that 3 operations.

The trip to Malaysia was like hell. My cousin's car had to pack in 5 people. I was in the middle, being squeezed.. The whole trip took about an hour and another half. Sitting in the car that long would make my butt burst.

Anyway, my dad rented a resort house in Malaysia so that i can live with him during the December holidays. Don't worry! I'll still be in Singapore after that!


Watched the National Day concert in TV. What i like most about the concert was the marching in of the contingents and the performances. How i wish i was marching with them, maybe i have to wait 5-6 years or so. Man, marching in those white uniforms had to be way cool! I had never been in a G.O.H before though..

I just wanna march for Singapore, not shout out commands xD. Later "chao sia", then really die.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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