August 12, 2007

last day of the week

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Just bored. It's been ages since anyone SMS-ed me. Omg, you got addicted to that game already! Can't imagine the duration for you to go from 1-70, LMAO.
Zhengyee; Yeah, thank you too!
Chungaik; Too bored. Teachers SMS-ed me too you know! C'mon man, you have not called me John at least thrice since the day you came to 3D. You have been calling bangala ever since.
Fengying; Omg, help me say thanks to your Mum too! Thanks for linking me too!
Shunhui; What the hell do you want? *fierce LOL*

Aww man, today is the last day of the long weekend!

Anyway, went out to play basketball with Justin and gang in the afternoon. Yeah, it was so damn hot then. We played our hearts out and Kimberly improved in her basketball too! Then suddenly, a group of 3 came into the community center. Immediately, they took our court and demand us to scram. What the fuck? We were like only using half of the basketball court and even the other half wasn't hot at all. It's not as if anyone died there or something. But still, if they wanted the court for some purpose, they could just asked nicely. They just gave us a "Siam Lah!" and expect us to give up the court to you guys. And they said, "Aiya, the other court cannot score mah!". Ooooo LOL. It doesn't even seem that they are scoring in our court as well. I guess it's just an excuse to shoo us away.


I wonder what part of our uniform attire is going to be checked next week. I do heard that socks, fingernails etc will be checked too. Mr Tan said that only GESS socks can be used. If i do recall something, the so called blue *school diary* they gave us, said that either WHITE socks or GESS socks can be used. No COLORED socks allowed. Yeah, that's it. Discriminating the school rules huh. Load of crap.


Fan of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2! WMMT3 has been the number 1 one racing game around already. I'm certain that no HD racing games could even defeat this awesome game. Below is a video gameplay in the new map, Hanshin Highway and the music is way cooler than ever before! Watch it!


That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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