August 20, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; LOL. Sure sure!
Derrick; DEH! You also call my mother name LOR! Bastaring siooooool.
Justin; Wow, i can't believe you actually did that! Yeah, i do feel that i'm using a lot of fucks nowadays..
Kimberly; TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!
Jiemin; LOL, Mr Tiah say one right! Yeah! Your character arh.. Wah, really "pro". Haha joking, don't bash me.
Zhengyee; Hey thanks! Btw, your preliminary examinations finished? 2 more weeks to N level!
Justin; Yeah, yer the freaking bastard! Stomp until the cushion flat..

Man, i know that $35 for a jersey is a hefty amount but you didn't have to shout and said that the jersey is made of vagina hair. It's absolutely unnecessary. If you don't want to buy it, just sit down and shut the fuck up. It doesn't matter whether you buy or not, because the jersey loses its purpose in making class united because of you guys. As for me, i want to buy it because i haven't had a class jersey in my whole damn Secondary life. I do feel that it's worth spending the extra money for the jersey. That's my opinion and no damn person is gonna change it.

Well back to school. Woke up pretty late today! Like around 5.45am or something but i hate the fact that 6am for me is damn late. I'm mostly punctual for Scout meetings and such. My Scout mates are the witnesses =P

Anyway, at least i did managed to catch the two buses and reach school in time. I love morning breeze, it's very cooling, just the thing to start your day! Chat with old friends and wishing them good luck for their A-Maths preliminary examination today!

After the assembly, we had our reading period in the arena. Man, i really hate sitting in the arena. It's kinda rough and crossing our legs makes it more uncomfortable. Well, at least for today, we are supposed to read an English article. I can see that some people given up on reading the article, maybe either their English isn't up to standard or lazy to read it. Likewise for me in Chinese!

Went back to class for Chemistry. While walking up, talked with Mr Tiah and he said that my 17th August post was solid. Thank you! Reached the classroom block and ended up waiting for Danial to come and unlock the classroom door. Please be punctual! Revised on Periodic Table and actually i can refer to last year's notes as they include more information than the textbook. Thanks Miss Chui!

Next was Social Studies. Pretty fucked up i would say. The only time when i had a quiet and peaceful Humanities lesson was History with Mr Gary Lam. He's the best Humanities i've ever met in my whole life. But why must he leave..

CME was next. Miss Pang decided to bury the hatchet and move on like normal. That was a good thing i guess. And then we watched a slideshow of some pencil. The slideshow was pretty meaningful, but i doubt that could change anyone of us. Nearing the end of the lesson, we are supposed to fill up a stress checklist. You know what, i checked the, "I feel nervous against the opposite sex". LMAO, don't "suan" me!

Recess up next. Miss Pang wanted to organize a class camp for a night. Straight away, i told her we've a birthday chalet of you-know-who (LOL). But it's good that she actually thought of a camp..

Had Maths after recess. I lost my Question 5 graph and i felt like punching someone. But hell, it isn't worth it. The lesson was pretty smooth and i'm able to understand most of the things Mr Kung taught.

English was next. Finally received back the test papers. Got a 18/30 for the composition and 17/20 for the comprehension. Needless to say, i'm the highest (YAYNESS!). Mr Ng also said that if we brought back the papers home for our parents to comment and sign, he would give an extra mark for the paper with a lower mark! I guessing everyone is begging their parents to sign it since it's counted for CA! Haha!

History was next. Sat with Kaijie and crapped about Flyff. I'm guessing that he wanted to play back Flyff ever since that day in my house when i showed them my Lvl 75 Billposter. But the thing is, he could not remember his password nor his ID. And yeah, i maybe posting a video of my Billposter giant hunting! xDD

Went home after that since all my old friends left home after their prelims.


Dragon Scouts! Please view Jinghui's photo blog for the 85th Anniversary post!

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Onward Dragon

That's all for today. Changed my blog song to Skater Boy - Avril Lavigne. Someone might know this song, it relates to me in a way. Guess! xD

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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