August 26, 2007

Changed blogskin again!

Tags reply!
Jiemin - I've been spending a day just to learn how to make skins.. How crazy of me..
Kimberly - Huh? Cookies?
Justin - Yeah yeah, learning stuffs..
Juihao - Ok, linked.. Somehow, i got this feeling that you will delete your blog again..
Syahirah - Yeah, can tell from my email too!
Gary - Hi Gary!
Chungaik - Erm, mind elaborating on what you said?
Zhengyee - OMG, kick whose balls?
Justin - Yeah, it's busted..
Kimberly - Sure! No problem, you'll need to give me one too!
Shuting - Omg, thanks for website! The learning process takes place now..
Kimberly - I guess so? Why don't go check some website or something..
Justin - Yeah, but.. I like Abarai Renji and Zaraki Kenpachi. All the fierce assholes. xD

Today.. Is once again, the last day of week 5. 4 more weeks to the examinations. 4 weeks is going to finish real darn fast! And I only have the September holidays to mesmerize and enjoy myself before it starts.. I guess i'll be damn occupied during the holidays!

3-4 September - Jiemin's birthday chalet!
5-6 September - 3D study camp!
7 September - Dragon Scouts' gathered together in one campfire night!
8-9 September - The only days to chiong homework.. *fucks the wall*

Okay.. That isn't much at all though.. And the CCA break for examinations starts after the September holidays! Well, that's for Scouts and i'm not too sure about the other CCAs. I guess that will be like, 2 weeks to mug like mad for it!

Somehow, i feel that i'm guaranteed to promote to Sec 4. With my current results (Judging from Mid-Year), to be realistic, it's a sure-to-retain results. Maths and Humanities are my only hope now. As for D&T and English, i don't feel any difficulty passing them and for Science, i do need to beg for some extra lessons to go through the past topics. CLB is totally out of my league already, because of this damned subject, my total marks will be -100 marks. Why did i even take up CLB in the first place.. *fucks the wall for the second time*

Since yesterday, i've been sleeping in the afternoons and early nights. Maybe i'm really born as a slacker. But yesterday was different. I dream of friends changing their attitudes and so. From my experience, most students or should i say, friends, changes their outlook of life and so at the age of 15, Secondary 3. It's either friends grown matured or friends got new and cooler friends in their new class and then ditches their lifelong friends in one corner.

No doubt about it, people around me changes all the time. Some for the better and some for the worse. As for me, more of my friends changed for the worse. Bad for me huh? If such genuine friendship can last for a lifetime, that would be rare. There are only a handful of friendships that lasts from childhood all the way till 70 or 80+ years old. So the fact remains, if such friendship bond exists, you and partners are a perfect group of friends.

Well, i guess i'm the one who can't maintain friendships and so.

Talking about friends who betrayed you. My mum told me this, "If ever, one of my friends betrayed me in a way or two, i would erase all memories and things of that particular friend. And yeah, i wouldn't even acknowledge him as a friend". Seems a bit harsh? Seems a bit cruel? Think about it. She also added, "You don't have a best friend, no one do. Since the only person you can trust, is yourself."

Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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