August 16, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Walao, so pro. I just reached 30+ yesterday! Play until headache. LOL!
Zhengyee; LMAO! Whose blog?
Derrick; Can you picture yourself driving that car? Omg, the car totally pwnz.
Kimberly; Hey thanks for helping me! I'm okay now, thanks to your first aid. xD
Huiying; Woah, who told you i got a gang? x.x
Chungaik; Relax sia!
Jiemin; Haha, i want do myself. Don't want answer. xD

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Sorry everyone for the late update, i got kinda screwed up on my nails and got busy too during those few days. Just to you all, i'm okay now and my fingers are back to normal and fighting strong! Been playing Suikoden 2 like mad already and that's one of the reason why i never blog! I'm a RPG addict.

Anyway, back to topic. Today's first period was Maths. We learned about Cubic *something*. It's much, much easier than the usual curves we done. It's was smooth lesson indeed. xD

Then it was English. Mr Ng never came today so Ms Ong came to relief the class. After she came in, lotsa people laughed xD. Throughout the free period, just chit-chatted with Derrick and gang.

D&T was next. We are supposed to design a mechanism for the new project and i'm currently designing a portable catapult! It's gotta be cool, throwing marbles at people. Haha! The PoA pupils got an early recess. Derrick, Bk and Kaiz came to visit me and Mun Tat at the workshop. I was like, "Huh? Free period arh?". Then i realize their recess got replaced with PoA and they got an early recess. People around me were like "Walao! F*** you lah!".

Went back to class with Danilo. Gosh, there are only two of us in the class. So bored. Then played Danilo's DJ Max on the PSP. Jasper and Hsien Jen were throwing bottles on the ceiling fan and it kinda turned into a war. x.x Me, Mun Tat and Danilo went outside to play Tekken.

Went for English in GMC. Dang, i really hate spelling nowadays. I kept on forgetting to memorize all the words and synonyms. Oh well, one life. Live it.

Physics was next. The class was DANG NOISY during the test! I kinda gave up on the paper because i studied the wrong chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinese next. Went with Shanyang and Danilo to have a study group with Ms Pang. Danilo's Malay teacher did not come. We talked alot and know more about each other. Can feel that teachers, especially form teachers, are so freaking stressed over school.

Went home after that.

That's all for today.
There isn't much life in my post today. xD
Promise that i'll make it lively next time.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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