August 2, 2007

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Derrick; Deleted it. LOL, i understand your situation! I kena before lol.
Jiemin; Walao eh, today you all got 3 periods free.. *jealous*

You know what? Whenever i stop at the Sim Lim Square bus stop, there will always be a group of men there. The past few days, i was wondering why were there a lot of men always sitting at the bus stop looking at the window of the building. Then i noticed that there were a couple fucking each other. So like i thought, all the guys there were watching a "free show".

You guessed it right. It's a prostitute hostel.

Reached school, chit chat with old friends, went for assembly and went back to class.

First period was Maths. Once again, again, Mr Kung reminded us about the husband, wife and baby thing!! Mr Kung needs to go ROM badly!

Next was English. Did the comprehension close exercise today. Nothing interesting..

D&T was next. I have finished my presentation board today! Actually, there was a test today. Luckily, we whined like mad and Mr Kwan decided to postpone it to the week after National Day. OMG, i'm felt lucky all of a sudden. I never study at all since it was a last minute announcement.

Recess. Slacked. Soon after, i received news that the class must stay back after school because of some pupils who went down for "early recess". I was like "WTF?". Later, someone told me that we do not need to stay back. Zzz, totally twisted..

Went to GMC for English. I don't know why me and Syed kept on laughing. LMAO. Sorry Mrs Chua :( Anyway, spelling sucks and composition rules. HAWT!

Physics up next. When the lesson was ending soon, the class made a lot of noise. Compared to last few weeks, today maybe too much.. I was about to experience another teacher crying but maybe she calm herself down and continued.

Chinese next. Went out for study group with Ms Pang and Shan Yang. Talked about the class behaviours and stuff. When i went back to class, the teacher said something which i can't understand but judging from the class, it has to be something bad LOL. I scolded the teacher, ROFL.

Went back home after that.
That's all.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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