August 27, 2007

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Justin ; LOL! Slacker's club? Hmmm, let me think about it.. xD
Zhengyee ; OMG, you are so evil man! Nobody survives a kick to the balls.
Mingxian ; Haha, i rather it to be a night trail around the school. OMG, that rocks!
Jiemin ; LOL, okay.. I love this skin!
Chungaik ; Well, you see.. The wall is FLAT. Erm, yeah. xDD
Shunhui ; Eh! Don't anyhow say! I don't have a PS3 man!

Hello to the first day of school!

Okay, enough of that! Didn't want to wake up today though, but if i ever skip school for no reason, it'll be so darn unusual for me eh. So far, i maintained almost full attendance since Secondary 1 and i'm proud of it. xD

Back to topic.

When i first reached school, i didn't feel comfortable. Of course, i always see Mr Kung's car parked near the side gate bus stop. I wonder what time does he comes to school. Guess what, a cat's shriek scared the daylights out of me. My heart almost stopped and i sat down at the arena with my heart thumping! Yeah, what a good start to my first day of the week.

Had the reading period in the arena again. I will emphasize on the word, "AGAIN". For the second time, i do not like crossing my legs and sitting at the hard ground. Seriously, i can't really position myself and read properly. I'm like always moving here and there, and when my leg gets numb, that's the shits man.

Finally, the reading period ended and Chemistry was up next. Mr Tiah got frustrated today because the whole class failed the Chemistry test. I guess that 3 hours of revision got wasted eh. Anyway, it's the first time i seen him raising his voice and spoke words of truth. As for me, i got surprised too. I had confidence on passing, but now, nah nah. Maybe next time, i'll just act paranoid.

Social Studies next. Maybe Ms Foo should just add a bit of humor to the lecture. For every History or Social Studies lessons, i feel utterly bored and sleepy. I tried to sit upright and it didn't work. I mean, you can add jokes like, "Wah, you know ah, this Adolf Hitler ah. He only got one testicle you know?". That'll sure make some people laugh, at least.

CME was next. Ms Pang didn't came today since she had a course at MOE. So Ms Chee came to relief the class. As usual, the class really didn't kept quiet and just ignored her. Oh well, what can me and Danial do? It's not as if the Team Captain role has some authority or something..

Recess, slacked and walked around. Just plain bored.

Maths test was next. I feel that i'm going to fail my test AGAIN! I didn't know how to do the first question. The graphs were okay. I managed to do Question 3, 4 and 5. Those were the easy ones. Oh man, please! A 15/30 would be good too! *cries*

English was next. Pretty straightforward. Just some corrections and stuff..

History, refer to my Social Studies paragraph. =P

After school, went to the canteen and crapped with some friends. And then went home soon after that since they have their Chemistry lesson.

Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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