August 21, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Sure! Can ask the others to come as well! As for the jersey, i need time to think about it..
Derrick; I don't mind having a friend friend jersey. xD
Jiemin; The more the merrier. Or does it mean more people get pierced. LOL! About the pierced thing, i read it somewhere. Just made me LMAO!
Chungaik; Yes yes, a "CLASS" jersey is totally meaningless already. In the first place, i already asked Danial to not even order class jerseys. He just didn't listen.. xD
Kimberly; LMAO! Missed the song? Hahaha!
Shunhui; Yer like getting squeezed..
Justin; Quite true eh. FUCK YOU!

Aw man, so many friends come up to me and said that the class jersey currently is too damn expensive. I'm also beginning to doubt that most of the people in the class even wants to buy it. Maybe i'll discuss it with Danial or something, since he already ordered it beforehand. And yeah, it's not easy being a team captain of 3D. I can't believe that me and Danial are getting stressed over class jerseys... *bangs wall and drop dead*

Anyway, back to topic.
The pledgetaker today was done nicely. Zhixun told me that her legs are shaking vigorously. It's quite obvious already but still she managed to say it loud and clear. Man, why can't i be like her.. I mean, like DAMN, that time i said the pledge, and screwed up most of the lines..

English was next. Every English lesson i attend, there are bound to be people sleeping. It's roughly about 3/4 of the class sleeping. Only a handful are listening to Mr Ng's lessons. Imagine if Mdm Foo teached, i think the whole class will sleep. Well from my experience, she talks more about her life than English itself. Correct me if i'm wrong, but she was my English teacher last year.

PE was next. Played badminton with Chungaik. He played quite well! Finally, i can play with someone who's good at it. But still, fuck the thorny bushes and the damn wind which keep on fucking up our badminton game. xD

Recess was next. Nothing much, just slacked..

Chemistry was next. Today's lesson was exceptionally quiet. It's usually mildly noisy. Maybe due to the fact that Ms Mah is behind? Well, got no idea.. But it's a good thing anyway.. xD

Maths was next. I'm beginning to fall in love with graphs. I'm doing it with smooth curves and such. I have a good feeling that i'll promote to Sec 4 next year. xDD

After that, went home for my final tuition.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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