August 23, 2007

changed blogskin!

Reply of tags.
Boonkeat; Yeah, removed it already. But it's still on YouTube.
Chungaik; Lol, relax! After i changed my blogskin, i went to sleep already..
Jiemin; LMAO.
Mingxian; Yeah, you were like laughing the loudest LOL!
Zhengyee; Arm wrestling! LOL, cannot win PE teachers..
Kimberly and Justin; LOL! My tagboard is not MSN OKAY!

Yeah changed blogskin again. Can't really stick to one skin though, unless it's self-made by me. But i find the blogskin making tutorials very wordy and confusing. So i do need someone to summarize everything for me! xD

Anyway, back to topic.

It drizzled for a while, and it stopped. Got me excited for a while there.. Just stayed at the arena until friends came too. They finished their prelims and now preparing for the N levels! Good luck to them!

Maths was the first period. Pretty straightforward, and i'm loving graphs now man! Except for Algebra, the worst thing i had ever done.. Next Monday, there's a Maths test! Remember!

English up next. Man, my cloze passage is de-proving already. Actually, the English paper 1 is what pulled me up and passed. My Paper 1 is better than my Paper 2. Oh well, it's better to excel at both eh?

D&T was next! Finally finished my mini catapult! All's left is the installation of the rubber bands and a screw. Throughout the whole lesson, i slacked a lot.. And then went for an early recess!

Recess, it's high time i should go back to running at the arena again..

Went down for English lessons, had spelling and disturbing Tajinder all the time! xD

Physics was next. Nothing much though, just the class noisy as usual.. But i still can follow! xD

Chinese up next.. Slept for the whole lesson since Miss Pang couldn't make it today for the study group. What's worse is that, the whole is having a test and i can't do much than sleep.. After that, went home..

Ugh.. My post is getting lifeless day after day.. Maybe i'm quite worried about the examinations.. Well, who doesn't anyway?

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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