August 28, 2007

word of the day : ruggamuffin

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Kimberly : Yay OMG! Good luck! Just don't screw up on the parking part. xD
Justin : Come to think of it, i actually did slept for 24 hours once. After a camp?
Chungaik : GOD! Why must you enjoy such luxury! I was like having my fat ass flattened..
Jiemin : LOL. Never see him for 1 month already. Then i spam his blog 3 time only, he come! xDD
Weeleng : Wah, also not as if i use auto clicker! If i use ah, happy cleaning your tagboard! =P

Hey all. Good evening to you guys! Today was such an eventful day that i must blog today! Just to start it off, that cat which shrieked yesterday, guess what? It meowed today! Wasn't too scared for now but it's funny because it reminded me of someone. xD

Chinese was the first period of the day. And yeah, nothing beats sweeping the floor for the royal highness to start the brand new day. Swept the floor for awhile and it was mildly clean, but after a while, it revert to its original state again.. When i finished sweeping, the royal highness praised me. OMG, so touched. Even Kenneth clapped for me. =P

English was next. Nothing eventful about the lesson. It's just kinda awkward seeing almost everyone sleeping while me and some others were not. I was listening to the teacher's every word and the rest was sleeping. Kinda like listening to an old man telling a story.

PE was next. Played badminton with Mun Tat and soon after, Beng Shiang. The wind, once again, for fuck's sake, kept on blowing the shuttercocks to the opposite direction. Kinda reminds me of playing Gunbound. Back shots, high angle shots, direct shots. LMAO, why did i even remember Gunbound..

Physics was next. Can obviously tell that Ms Chee kinda washed her hands off 3D already. Well, the fact is she can't control the class and everytime she says "Quiet", nobody really cares though. If i were her, i would've slammed my book on the table and walk out like nobody's business. That's me, i would not continue if nobody is even listening to me because it's pointless.

Recess was next. Why do Hock Zheng and Colambus love touching each other so much..? I mean, we are boys and like to touch? Eww.. Played Danial's Medal of Honor : Heroes in his PSP. It's uber cool but the controling sucks, compared to computers.

Chemistry was next. Mr Tiah was revising all possible questions that may come out this Thursday. I got 8/20 for my Chemistry test. Kinda disheartening though, since i passed Chemistry most of the time last year. The only reason for me not passing Science is because of my Physics.. xD

Maths was next. Straightforward yeah and i do not really need to explain much..

TPI next. Need to prepare the consent form and $5 for the class camp. It looks like the class camp is gotta be fun! Looking at the two workshops, Interacting With Material and Notetaking, maybe these workshops pretty well affect us in our studies. Omg, thanks Miss Pang! And for cycling, to be honest, i don't know how to cycle. I didn't have time in the past to learn since my parents were both working. All the time, i only had my maid with me all the time. Whatever troubles i had, i always go to her. I can just imagine her gone and me all alone in the house, kinda like isolated..

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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